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Shore Microsystems Handshake JPEGShore Microsystems strives to build mutually beneficial partnerships with companies drawn to our vision.

Shore Microsystems Partner Programs offer businesses the opportunity to promote and sell industry leading Application System Solutions. Shore has developed a Channel Partner as well as a Technology Partner Program that help provide technological and marketing benefits, while rewarding ongoing commitments and performance. To achieve this, Shore Microsystems will work directly with your sales staff to add product knowledge and value to develop our relationship and grow opportunities. With a history of reliability, quality, and support, you will see the benefits of joining our growing global community.

To ensure our mutual success, Shore Microsystems provides all partners with key benefits, including:
  • Dedicated Account Representatives
  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Product Training
  • Access to Marketing Materials
  • Custom Development Options
  • Advanced Notice of New Product Releases
  • Evaluation Units

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Shore's Channel & Technology Partners:

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