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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy

General Information

  • A customer with equipment that requires repair must request an RMA using this form.  The information will be submitted via this webpage to Shore Microsystems and, after review, an RMA number will be issued by return email. 
  • For In Warranty (IW) returns or equipment, there are no test or repair fees providing the equipment was not subjected to damages beyond normal use (e.g. defects due to water damage, lightning damage, physical abuse, etc. are not covered under warranty).  For Out of Warranty (OW) returns, a fee will be charged based on the details of the repair that is necessary.  For OW returns, the customer will be informed about the estimated charges to repair the equipment.
  • Customer is responsible for shipping the RMA equipment to Shore Microsystems.  RMA number must be explicitly marked on the outside of the shipping box.  The equipment should be packed in its original shipping container or other suitable protective packaging.
  • Shore Microsystems will ship the repaired equipment to customer using a shipping method chosen by Shore Microsystems.
  • For OW unrepairable items, these items will be returned to the customer at customer's shipping expense or disposed of by Shore Microsystems, according to the wishes of the customer.
  • If an RMA is determined to be No Trouble Found (NTF), Shore Microsystems will request additional information from the customer in an attempt to replicate the reported failure.  If no additional information is available or the observed failure cannot be reproduced, Shore Microsystems will return the item to the customer.   If this was an OW RMA, labor charges will be applied as appropriate.
  • Shore Microsystems may provide advance replacement of equipment covered by warranty or extended warranty hardware maintenance on a case by case basis or by prior agreement.   Advance replacements are only considered for items considered Dead on Arrival (DOA) that are reported to Shore Microsystems with 30 days of original shipment.

RMA Information

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