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Shore Microsystems Announces the Formation of a Partnership with APconnections, Inc.

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Long Branch NJ, - July 20, 2010Shore Microsystems, the industry leader in the protection of mission-critical Ethernet links, announced today a partnership with APconnections, Inc.  APconnections’ NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth-shaping appliances available in a range of configurations from 2Mbps up to 5Gbps (full duplex), and are designed for voice and data networks. The flexible, scalable, and cost-effective bandwidth control products can be deployed in both corporate and service provider networks. NetEqualizer is plug-and-play, installing in minutes.

NetEqualizer's built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology dynamically controls traffic based on current network usage. When the network is congested, the fairness algorithm favors business class applications, including VoIP, Web browsing, chat and email, at the expense of large file download. This approach allows network managers and operators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without having to purchase additional bandwidth, and without having to build and manage extensive policy libraries.

"We are excited to work with Shore Microsystems to provide our failover bypass switches.  For customers that do not want a fully-redundant NetEqualizer set-up, this enables us to provide them with a high-quality, low-cost failover solution." said Steve Wagor, founding partner & VP of Operations.

The SM-2800 Series of Universal Ethernet Bypass Switches provide automatic bypass capability up to twelve 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT or up to six 1000BaseSX inline Ethernet appliances. The system is based on Shore Microsystems’ technologies developed to sustain vital connections to/from inline appliances and integrates into Shore’s Network Protection Chassis System. The system operates independently from the inline appliance and does not require periodic interaction with a properly functioning network appliance. In the event of a failure, the unit removes the malfunctioning device from the Ethernet link and re-connects the two external Ethernet ports to transparently reestablish end-to-end communications. The system is available in several configurations with regard to media and port count requirements.

Shore Microsystems delivers quality redundant products for advanced networks with satisfied clients in commercial, industrial, and military applications and is considered the industry leader in Redundant and Bypass Ethernet LAN technology.  The Link Protector® products insure data flow during network failures by creating redundant connections for mission critical Ethernet links.  Shore also provides Bypass Switch technology to prevent downtime due to inline appliance failure. 

For more information about APconnections, Inc. please visit their website at
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