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Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2701CM for Deep Packet Monitoring/Inspection of MPEG Video/Audio/Control and Data Streams

Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2701F10G for 10G Redundant and Bypass Connections

Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2400F10G Programmable Bypass Switch for 10G Ethernet Bypass Connections

Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2701RF RF (0-18GHz) Coaxial Switching

Long Branch NJ - December 20, 2013 Shore Microsystems today announced a new MPEG Monitoring and Inspection Card for the Network Protection System. The SM-2701CM port card, along with all the features of the SM-2701C, incorporates MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) packet inspection to monitor and control redundant link switching.  In the event a MPEG stream problem is detected on a Primary link, the unit automatically switches to a Backup link containing a healthy MPEG stream.  Depending on user programmable thresholds and action event triggers, the port card will provide the most healthy MPEG stream possible to the Protected interface.

The SM-2701CM is designed specifically for advanced video/audio/data streams found in the broadcast and studio television production market. The unit allows redundant video/audio/data multiplexers to be utilized with intelligent 24x7 monitoring of key TR 101-290 parameters.  Key priority one and two metrics are programmable action indicators for determining healthy TS (transport stream) links.  The port card relies on a more powerful FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) logic device to implement the deep packet inspection capabilities at up to the full line rate of 1 Gpbs.

Long Branch NJ - November 19, 2013 Shore Microsystems today announced two new 10G Fiber Cards with Optical Bypass for the Network Protection System.  The SM-2701F10G protects mission-critical 10G Redundant connections while the SM-2801F10G protects 10G Bypass Appliance connections.  Each SM-2701F10G fiber port card provides three LC style duplex connectors intended for connection to a primary, backup and a protected 10GBase-SR Ethernet port.  Single mode versions are available by special order.  An power fail-safe optical bypass is incorporated between the Primary and Protected ports to maximize link availability.  The SM-2701F10G detects link activity and an alarm is generated if any link fails. If the primary link is lost, the NPS will automatically switch the ports to the backup link. By default, the switch is completed within 100 milliseconds after a link failure is detected.  Once the primary link is restored, the protected port will revert to the primary link automatically.  The link may also be forced to switch to the backup port manually.

Long Branch NJ - November 12, 2013  Shore Microsystems today announced a new programmable Bypass switch for 10G Ethernet Bypass connections.  The SM-2400F10G Programmable Bypass Switch provides the ability to automatically bypass a malfunctioning network appliance.  The unit operates as an intelligent watchdog that expects periodic interaction with a properly-functioning network appliance via a serial communication link.  In the event of a failure, the unit removes the failing device from the Ethernet link.  After bypassing (removing) the failing device, the SM-2400F10G directly connects the two external Ethernet 10G ports to reestablish end-to-end communications.

Long Branch NJ - April 11, 2013 
Shore Microsystems today announced a new RF (0-18GHz) Coaxial Switching Card for the Network Protection System.  Each SM-2701RF port card provides three SMA coaxial connectors intended for connection to primary and backup ports and one protected port. The SM-2701RF supports switching via manual override, control as a member of a group, or controlled by the SM-2701IO Contact Closure Card.