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Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2701FE Link Protector for Copper or Fiber Fast Ethernet Links

Long Branch NJ - June 15, 2014  Shore Microsystems today announced a new Advanced Fast Ethernet Link Protector® for the Network Protection System. The SM-2701FE port card incorporates many of the features of the SM-2701 Series Advanced Gigabit Ethernet cards but in a less expensive, lower speed design.   Depending on user programmable thresholds and action event triggers, the port card provides complete intelligent protection for Ethernet links to servers and other critical network devices.

The SM-2701FE is available with either 10/100 BaseT copper or 100BaseFX fiber.  The SM-2701FE3C version supports 3 10/100 BaseT interfaces and provides full connectivity even in the event of a power failure.  The SM-2701FEC2F and SM-2701FEF2C versions are redundant Link Protectors with  media conversion.  The SM-2701FE3F supports 100BaseFX fiber on all ports.