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Shore Microsystems Announces the SM-2501CA Standalone Link Protector for Copper Ethernet Links

Long Branch NJ - September 13, 2015  

Shore Microsystems today announced a new Advanced Fast Ethernet Link Protector® for standalone applications.  The SM-2501CA incorporates many of the features of the Shore Microsystems Network Protection Chassis (NPC) system and its Advanced Link Protector cards but in a standalone single redundant port configuration.  The SM-2501CA provides a solution to users who require more advanced functionality than the SM-2501, SM-2501G, or SM-2501P Link Protectors.   Depending on user programmable thresholds and action event triggers, the device provides intelligent protection for copper Fast Ethernet links to servers and other critical network devices.  The unit is packaged in a small housing making it a  good solution for applications where rack-mount equipment is not practical.