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Increased bandwidth and traffic on today's networks has placed added importance on maintaining superior uptime for "mission critical" applications. Shore Microsystems designed the "24", "25", "26", and "NPC Series" of Ethernet Link Protector®s and Bypass Switches that allow network architects to create alternative data paths for these "mission critical" Ethernet connections.

Redundant Ethernet Technology (Link Protectors):

To enable network designers to respond to the requirement for higher availability, Shore Microsystems has designed Ethernet Link Protector®s, which enable networks to create redundant connections for their “mission critical” Ethernet connections. Shore products are fully IEEE 802.3 compliant and support 1000BaseT, 1000BaseF, 100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and 10BaseT. Link Protector®s operate by allowing simultaneous connections to both primary and backup network ports from servers, routers, and other key network equipment. The Link Protectors protect network-attached devices by monitoring the primary link and, in the event of a primary link failure, quickly switching to a backup port before network applications and protocols are affected. By using Patented Straight Through Wire® technology, our link protectors pass traffic even on total loss of power.

Shore Network Protection Chassis Redundant Diagram





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Ethernet Bypass Technology (Bypass Switches/TAP):

Inline Appliances are now a fact of life, whether it is for security or a myriad of other applications, these devices have permeated networks everywhere and the critical functions they perform have become essential. What is the effect when one of these appliances no longer functions properly? Many manufacturers have gone to great lengths to build some form of reliability into these units but the fact remains if traffic does not flow properly through the unit, the unit is a single point of failure and network productivity is compromised. To protect your network against Inline Appliance Failure, Shore Microsystems has developed the Ethernet Bypass Switch, which supports IEEE 802.3, 1000BaseT, 1000BaseF, 100BaseTX, and 10BaseT. The switch protects that critical link by “bypassing” the malfunctioning appliance.

 Shore Microsystems SM-2404 Bypass Unit   Bypass Diagram




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