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Mission Statement:

"To manufacture quality products that provide the highest level of redundancy with technological excellence to the world's mission critical networks".

Company Background:

Shore Microsystems has been designing and manufacturing networking equipment since its formation in 1984 by two Bell Laboratories engineers.  Since 1994, our company has focused exclusively on understanding network failures and designing quality products to deliver high-availability, fault tolerance, and maximum uptime for Ethernet Networks.  Shore manufacturers Ethernet Link Protector®s and Bypass Switches/TAPS for advanced networks that require this level of redundancy.  Our company has numerous satisfied clients with commercial, industrial, and military applications. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products for advanced networks and to demanding clients.  Shore Microsystems is the industry leader in Redundant Ethernet LAN technology. Thank you for your interest in our company.

What We Do?:

Shore Microsystems provides Automatic Backup/Restoral for Mission Critical 10G, 1000BaseT, 1000BaseF, 100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and 10BaseT Links to Servers, Routers, and other Equipment.

We also Protect Attached Equipment from Failures Due to Cable Cuts, Disconnected Cables, and Switch and Hub Failures (Malfunctioning Ports, Plug-in Cards, or Power Supplies).

What Differentiates Us:

The mission of any network product is to increase overall reliability-not to subtract from it. With features that include Loss of Power Failsafe, Fast Failover, Learn Fast, Packet Watch, and Power over Ethernet Capability, Shore Microsystems distinguishes itself by being the market leader in Redundant and Bypass Ethernet Technologies.

Product Series:

SM-25, SM-26 and SM-NPC Series Network Link Protectors

These Series of Ethernet Link Protectors will provide primary and backup connections for mission-critical copper and fiber Ethernet links.

SM-24 and SM-NPC Series Ethernet Bypass Switches

These Series of Ethernet Bypass Switches will provide a bypassed route for traffic upon network appliance failure.

OEM/Custom Development/Consulting

The development of custom data communications equipment is carried out based on extensive experience with ISDN, X.25, Ethernet and other technologies.


Shore Microsystems customers are primarily large organizations with major networking installations.