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SM-2400GB/GBF/GC Programmable Bypass Switch                                                           Request Pricing

 SM-2400GB Bypass Switch

SM-2400GBF Bypass Switch

SM-2400GC Bypass Card

Model #:  SM-2400GB Model #: SM-2400GBF Model #: SM-2400GC
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The SM-2400 Programmable Bypass Switch provides the ability to automatically bypass a malfunctioning network appliance.  The unit operates as an intelligent watchdog that expects periodic interaction with a properly-functioning network appliance via a serial communication link.  In the event of a failure, the unit removes the failing device from the Ethernet link.  After bypassing (removing) the failing device, the SM-2400 directly connects the two external Ethernet ports to reestablish end-to-end communications.  The unit is available in several configurations for end-user or OEM applications. 

Key Benefits

  • Independent Watchdog Function Responds to Link and System Failures
  • Quickly Bypasses Failing Network Appliances
  • Completely Transparent to Ethernet Link Traffic
  • Simple Control Interface via Serial Connection
  • Maintains End-to-End Connectivity thru Power Failures
  • Flexible Physical Design for PCI Internal Card or External Chassis Applications
  • Programmable Switchover Delays
  • Flash Firmware Upgradeable
  • Support for 10/100/Gigabit BaseT Ethernet.

SM-2400 Bypass Diagram