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SM-2501CA/CAG Advanced Copper Link Protectors®                                                                

Model #s: SM-2501CA/CA-M   (10/100)

Model #: SM-2501CAG-M   (10/100/1000)



 Shore Microsystems SM-2501CA Link Protector<sup>®</sup> SM-2501CA 



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The SM-2501CA series Advanced Copper Link Protector®s provide programmable automatic link backup capabilities to "mission-critical" copper Ethernet links. The devices protect vital connections to servers, routers, and other key devices that require fail-safe operation. The SM-2501CA series operates by monitoring "primary" and "backup" links and, in the event of a failure, automatically switching to the operational link.  The units share many advanced features of the higher end SM-2701C and SM-2701FE Copper cards for the NPC-2/12 systems including maintaining all links in the "UP" state for much faster switching to the Backup port.  The SM-2501CA devices also have advanced traffic-failure switching triggers that allow them to respond to a broad range of "absence of packets" failure conditions.  The SM-2501CA-M and SM-2501CAG-M versions include SNMP(V3), SSH(V2), and Syslog management capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic Switching Capability Between Primary and Backup Links
  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Primary and Backup Network Connections
  • High Speed Automatic Switching in the Event of Link Failure including traffic-based failures
  • Optional POE capability (SM-2501CAG-M only)
  • Optional Copper 100BaseTX Port for 4 Port Appliance Backup Applications (unmanaged SM-2501CA only)
  • Redundant External Power
  • Straight Through Wire® during complete power failure