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SM-2501POE Link Protector (Power Over Ethernet)/Failover Switch                              

Model #: SM-2501P

Shore Microsystems SM-2501P Link Protector<sup>®</sup>

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The SM-2501P Gigabit Ethernet Link Protector® provides a programmable automatic link backup capability to "mission-critical" 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet links. The SM-2501P protects vital connections to servers, routers, and other key Ethernet devices that require fail-safe link operation. The SM-2501P operates by non-intrusively monitoring a "primary" link and, in the event of a failure, automatically switching to the backup link. The Link Protector does not require any additional network cards in a server and does not require router-level switch-over if a failure occurs. The backup link can be connected to either another port on a switch or an entirely different switch altogether for greater protection. The unit is powered from the Ethernet connection on the Primary or Backup link and is compatible with IEEE 802.3af standard, eliminating the need for a local power supply. The SM-2501P can also pass power to the protected device, thus providing a simple solution for adding redundancy to IP phones, Wireless Access Points, and other PoE powered devices.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Autonegotiation for 10/100BaseT/1000BaseT
  • Audible Alarm and Contact Closure Output for Link Failure Notification
  • Programmable Switchover Delays
  • Manual Override for Forced Switching
  • Outbound Generation of Link Integrity Signals to avoid False Alarms on Inactive Links
  • Jumperless System Configuration Stored in Non-Volatile Memory
  • IEEE 802.3af Compliant, Eliminates Need for Local Power Supply
  • Power Pass Through to Protected Device, up to 12 Watts
  • Supports Class 0 or Class 1 Powered Device (PD) Operation
  • Optional Local 12V Power Supply Operation

SM-2501P Network Diagram