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SM- 2512 Link Protector®/Failover Switch                                                                              

Model #: SM-2512              Next Generation Switch/Link Protector®: Network Protection Chassis

 Shore Microsystems SM-2512 Link Protector<sup>®</sup>

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The SM-2512 Link Protector® provides a fully managed automatic link backup capability to twelve "mission-critical" 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet links. The system protects vital connections to servers, routers, firewalls, and other key Ethernet devices that require fail-safe link operation. The SM-2512 operates by non-intrusively monitoring a "primary" link and, in the event of a failure, automatically switches to the backup link; or switching can be controlled externally via SNMP, RS232, Telnet, or front panel commands. The Link Protector® does not require any additional network cards in a server; is completely transparent in normal operation; and does not affect IEEE 10BaseT repeater budget. The SM-2512 is designed to be mounted in a standard 19" datacom/telecom rack or tabletop.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic or SNMP-based Switching Capability Between Primary and Backup Links
  • Completely Transparent to Link Traffic
  • Maintains Connection Between Protected and Primary Port thru Power Failure
  • 48VDC and/or 110/220VAC Redundant Power

Shore Microsystems SM-2512 Network Diagram